Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner Sunflowers

Sunday, October 23

Become better acquainted with the people in your church!

There are 2 ways to participate:

1. Be a host! Let us know how many you can accommodate, and pick astart time. You provide the main dish, but attendees wouldcontribute the other components (e.g., salad, sides, bread, dessert,etc.)


2. Attend! You would be assigned to a host home, contribute a component ofthe meal (assigned by the host), and bring your sparkling personality.

Place the following information in offering box by October 9th

Harvest Dinner - October 23rd


Email:________________________________ Phone:__________________

Choose your option below:

❑ I can host!

I can accommodate: ______ adults _____children

❑ I’m not up for hosting, but would love to attend and bring food!

______ adults _____children