Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner Sunflowers

Sunday, October 17

  • The Harvest Dinner is a great time of intergenerational fellowship in the homes of Riverside families with children and adults together. All reservations for dinner are divided into groups to gather at hosts’ homes.  Everyone attending contributes food. 
  • Submit your dinner reservation by Oct. 10. A Host Family will contact you with details for your meal together.  If you have not been contacted by Oct. 14, please email the RCC office.
  • Host Family volunteers are needed!  The Host family provides a home for others to gather, sets the time, and coordinates the food contributions from each family.  We need you! 

--------------- tear off here and place in an offering box by Oct. 10----------------

Harvest Dinner Reservation

Dinner Date - Sunday Oct. 17

       Name:  ______________________________

       Number of Adults: _______ Children: _______

       Email:  ______________________________

       Phone: ______________________________

Would you be willing to host a dinner in your home?

     □ Yes!  How many can visit in addition to your family?  

                                Adults____ Children____

     □ No, but I’ll bring food!