RCC Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update from Riverside Community Church

September 4, 2021

Dear Riverside Community Church Family,

As most of you probably know, our state has instituted some new guidelines regarding masks in public places.  The elders have been praying and discussing what this means for our church family as we gather together for corporate worship and other activities.  We’ve also spoken with government officials and with other churches in our community, and we’d like to share our thoughts with you.

First, our desire for our church family is that we would worship the Lord faithfully in our hearts and with our lives.  We want to honor the Lord by being model citizens.  We want all to be safe and do the things that promote good health and safety for ourselves and for those around us.  And we want to do what leads to peace and mutual edification as a church body.

With these things in mind, and based upon the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Grace Community Church and our discussion with the Illinois Department of Public Health, we believe worshippers have the spiritual and legal freedom to choose whether or not to wear a mask in a church setting.  We believe each person can prayerfully make this choice without violating the commands to love others and to submit to the governing authorities. 

As a result, if you feel led to wear a mask in our services, you are welcome to do so.  If you feel led to not wear a mask due to a health issue or spiritual conviction, we accept that as well.  We will not require or enforce either choice, and encourage each person to respect the choices that others make. 

While we enjoy this freedom in our church activities, we want to also be mindful of our public witness.  While in the community at large, we want to encourage you to wear a mask in accordance with state and local ordinances. 

Please know that the elders are working hard to love and lead our church during this challenging time.  We want to thank you for your prayers, and ask that you continue to pray for God’s wisdom, unity and protection for our church family. 

With love for you in Christ,

The elders of Riverside Community Church
Dave Bohyer, Tom Muckian, Brad Scull and Paul Sommerfeld


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