Deacons serve as “ministers of help and compassion.”

Deacons assist the elders by taking delegated leadership in certain practical, logistical, and administrative areas. In this way, the various ministries of the church can be better served and the elders will be better able to focus on their primary responsibility of the spiritual leadership of the church family. 

Stephen Kaufman

Assimilation Ministry


Meet Stephen:

1. Where are you from and when (year) did you come to know Christ?
I am from Montgomery, Alabama, and I came to know Christ on a Saturday evening in 1984 (age 21).

2. What is a favorite book of the Bible?
James – I like the length – you can read the whole thing in one sitting. It very, very practical and encouraging, and helps me understand how to live my life as a Christian.

What is a favorite activity?
Recreationally, I like to golf.  I love the outdoors.  It's relaxing; you are always learning and you can have great long conversations with people without it all being too self-aware. It teaches patience and HUMILITY!

3. What do you like about Riverside?
I think the people are quietly faithful and steady. There is a current of mutual friendship, even if you don’t know the person. I love the inclusion of little ones in the things we do.

Kelly Jaros

Nurture & Growth Ministry


Meet Kelly:

1. Where are you from and when did you come to know Christ?
I grew up in New Bedford, MA, but I lived in Florida 8 years before moving here in 2013. I came to know Christ in Florida in 2008.

2. What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)? Favorite food?
Book:  The Great Gatsby - it's just one of those books I could read over and over again. I actually like that it doesn't have a happy ending. It shows the fleeting nature of the riches of this world.
Food:  EASY - pizza because you know - it's pizza! I try not to eat it often though as it isn't the best food for you.

3. What do you like about Riverside?
I love the sense of community at Riverside. People here really care about one another.

Barb Wilson

Adult Studies


Meet Barb:

1. Where are you from and when did you come to know Christ?
I grew up in Ohio and was raised in Christian home. I came to Christ at a young age.

2. What is your favorite activity?
My favorite activity is teaching the Word of God because of the truth, hope, purpose, joy and person of Jesus I can share.

3. What do you like about Riverside?
I am so grateful to God for Riverside because of the biblical teaching, the hearts and wisdom of the elders, and the warmth and love of the people.


Jerry Lietza

Building and Property Ministry


Meet Jerry:

1. Where are you from and when (year) did you come to know Christ?
Geneva, Illinois. Raised in a Catholic home, faithfully served as an altar boy into H.S. Started attending Fox Valley Bible in 1994 and was led to become baptized at Harvest Bible in 2005.

2. What is a favorite activity or food?
I enjoy all types of food and trying new things. I enjoy watching almost any kind sporting event, but especially baseball. I’m a big fan of the Chicago White Sox.

3. What do you like about Riverside?
The fellowship and close relationships with one another.

Mark Wilson

Finance Ministry



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