One Mission 3

What is the purpose for which we were created?

We were created to declare the glory of God by proclaiming His great love for us through the Good News of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing is more satisfying or eternally rewarding than fulfilling the purpose for which God created us!

At Riverside we are intentional about reaching out, welcoming, and drawing close to lost people in our community and around the world. This is God’s mission and the purpose for which we were created.

In addition to spontaneous outreach by individuals to family, friends, and those around us at work and school, Riverside prays for and financially supports various ministries both locally and worldwide. A significant part of our financial budget goes to the following ministries:

  • CIT – John & Holly
  • Slavic Gospel Association in Russia – Sergey & Helen
  • Pioneers in South Asia
  • Pioneers in Asia - David & Melissa
  • To Every Tribe in Cat Lake, Canada - Ron & Jen

Mission Verse

Mission to DW
Short-term mission trip to Diamond Willow in South Dakota