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Join us Sundays 6:00-8:00pm!

Gospel-Centered Families

Over the years, God has used Fusion to work in student's lives—with the goal of reaching student's hearts through teaching them the good news of the Gospel. However, this is only part of the process. A Gospel-centered home is an important aspect of a student's walk with the Lord. Fusion strives to converge students, their families, and the Gospel. The Gospel that welcomes all to trust Christ and be adopted into God's family. We desire to work side-by-side with each family to produce homes that cherish the Gospel.

Word-Driven Gatherings

Fusion aims to teach students to be focused on the Word; achieving this through messages emphasizing Scripture and finding application of Scripture to the challenges of life. Fusion works to proclaim Christ to each student and family involved, cultivating the mindset of engagement within the student body, and encouraging one another to take steps towards Christ.

Spirit-Led Friendships

Fusion can play an integral part in a student's life. Many students participate in Fusion for years; some continue to serve after high school as leaders. These bonds form through the trials and challenges presented by a life of fellowship with Christ; having the potential to last for a lifetime.

Join us Sundays at Riverside from 6:00pm-8:00pm or contact fusion@rccstc.org to find out more.